Autogenerated Code

Futuremodel is a framework that automatically generates SQL and LookML, using a point and click interface. The code it generates is highly optimized and can render queries as complex as you need to support model.

Even better, code development, testing, debugging, and maintenance are managed for you.

Flexible Architecture

Most BI systems are inflexible because they depend on static models formed at the time of project creation. Futuremodel, instead, decomposes complex data structures into elemental structures that are dynamically generated at run-time.

With Futuremodel, operations that are tedious in most BI systems, such as data transformation and statistical aggregation, can be done in a few keystrokes.

Enhanced Analytics

This flexible architecture lets us easily create tools to power things like time-series & geospatial analytics -- and we add new tools every day.

In fact, if you have a specific data problem that you are grappling with, let us know, and we’ll implement it for you.

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Integrated with your favorite databases

Your data should be connected and portable. Futuremodel connects with other sources to help you get more done.

If you don't see your database here, don't worry. Contact us for more information.

What is Futuremodel?

Futuremodel is a platform written on Looker that automatically generates LookML using a point and click interface. Business analysts, IT professionals, managers and executives can get the benefit of Looker without having to become LookML coders.


How do I use Futuremodel?

Futuremodel provides simple extensions to the native Looker interface so it can be easily mastered by anyone familiar with Looker.


Are there reasons an experienced LookML developer would use Futuremodel?

The Futuremodel interface typically generates well-structured LookML 10-20x faster than an experienced LookML developer can. The resulting code is well-structured, optimized and bug-free. Modifying code written long ago, or by someone else, can be done by simply changing a setting in the visual interface, as opposed to reverse engineering the code.


Besides auto-code generation, are there other benefits?

Futuremodel provides interactive tools that greatly simplify transformation and organization of data tables and provides many high-level functions, allowing for operations that are tedious to write manually. People with Futuremodel accounts can view online resources that document its functionality.